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National Institutes of Health (NIH)

NIH-funded advance could alert physicians to increased need for fetal monitoring, early delivery.

NIH leaders emphasize the importance of patient voices in addiction medication development.

Researchers found that 48 of 50 children retained their replenished immune system function two to three years later and did not require additional treatments for ADA-SCID.

NIH BRAIN Initiative-funded project could help people with paralysis to communicate.

NIH research could lead to new treatment strategies for stomach cancer.

NIH-funded clinical trial improved frailty, depression and overall quality of life.

Findings highlight disparities by race/ethnicity, education level, age and obesity status.

Birth before 34 weeks of pregnancy increases the risk of infant death and disability.

She will lead NIH’s effort to promote diversity, inclusiveness, and equity throughout the biomedical research. enterprise.

Findings could provide important insights into human conditions such as PTSD, anxiety.