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Biotonic, Energizer & Antioxidant

Royal 4 is biotonic, energizer & antioxidant start its action within ½ hour after oral admin.

Royal 4 composition is:
   Royal Jelly            600mg
   Korean Ginseng    250mg
   Bee Pollen             200mg
   Wheat Germ Oil    150mg 

Royal Jelly

Is very complex mixture of compounds, contain
    15% Carbohydrates, 12% Proteins, 6% Lipids &
    Vitamins and Minerals
     RJ is rich source of energy, so its effective energizer
nRJ contain 16% Aspartic acid which stimulate
    tissue regeneration and spermatogenesis
nRJ contain Acetyl Choline which act as:
    Neurotransmitter, help in treat peripheral neuritis
    Vasodilator, help in treat ED and wound healing     

Korean Ginseng

Several Sp. Grow around world but Korean sp. is the best
n Activates both physical and mental functions
nReduce the effects of stress and improve the performance (Mode enhancer)

Bee Pollen

Contain Ginsenosides which normalize many body functions (Adaptogen)
nSt. production of  Thymic H. which is immunostimulant
nContain all ingredients necessary for balanced diet (Perfect Food)
nContain 22 amino acids (essential & non essential) important for wound healing
nRich in minerals and vitamins (water & fat soluble vits.)
   A, E, C & Selenium are antioxidants
   B complex which treat peripheral neuritis
   Zinc which increase epithlization and sperm motility  
nRich in Lecithin which is lip-tropic necessary for fat breakdown
nContain an inverted sugar  which doesnt fermented in intestine (for inflamed intestine)
nHas a bactericidal action on E. coli   

Wheat Germ Oil

The  richest source of Vit. E which is the main Antioxidant